Carpet Cleaning Redfern

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Carpet Cleaning Redfern Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Redfern – Carpet Tech Carpet Tech is the local carpet cleaning service. We have been operating locally for a long time and specialise in: Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning Flood Restoration We are a family owned company and DO NOT use sub contractors, instead you will get […]

Carpet Cleaning Rushcutters Bay

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Carpet Cleaning Rushcutters Bay   Carpet Tech – your go to Carpet Cleaning Rushcutters Bay company. Specialising in Carpet Cleaning in Rushcutters Bay, we are your go to carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning service. Having been in the industry for the last ten years with an exemplary track record, we pride ourselves on our workmanship […]

Mattress Cleaning Sydney

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Mattress Cleaning Sydney Why clean my mattress ? Mattress cleaning is important for many reasons – however the main one is hygiene. Mattress fabric is usually made up of highly absorbent material which takes in anything that comes in contact with it. Especially in the case of young children and babies, control of their bowel […]

Flood restoration –

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We have been busy over the last couple of months and are excited to announce our new flood restoration branch of the business. You can check it out at! If you are ever an unfortunate victim of an overflowing washing machine or a hot water system leak don’t hesitate and call us on 89573907!

Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Zetland

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Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Zetland Why choose Carpet Tech for your Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Zetland needs. We pride ourselves as being the most professional, thorough, local company that money can buy. We are that confident that we will exceed expectation that we will have no problem refunding your money if you are in some way dissatisfied […]

Pet urine removal Sydney

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Pet urine removal Sydney Anyone who has ever had a pet can relate to this so well.  I remember when I had my first cat called Tabby. He was a gorgeous little kitty cat. I found him when I was a child. You see I’d been staying with my aunts and uncles down at the […]

Remove red wine stain from carpet

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  REMOVE RED WINE STAIN FROM CARPET   Carpet Tech’s guide on how to remove red wine stains from carpet. It has happened to all of us at one point – great night with great company when a glass of wine miraculously finds its way toward your cream coloured carpet. In a moment of panic, […]

Carpet Stain Removal Zetland

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CARPET STAIN REMOVAL ZETLAND   Not all stains are the same. We at carpet tech understand that each individual stain requires a unique solution. That is why we sent all our technicians to an advanced duration removal course so that they can be proficient in delivering a solution to your unique problem.   TYPES OF […]

Carpet Cleaning Rosebery

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Carpet Cleaning Rosebery Carpet Tech has operated in the Rosebery area, for the greater part of 5 years. We have always been on hand to assist residents with their carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning needs. We are a family run business who has always lived in the area, so we understand the challenges faced […]

Carpet Cleaning Zetland

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Carpet Cleaning Zetland Carpet Cleaning Zetland – Carpet Tech has been the go to carpet cleaning service in Zetland for over 5 years. With the increasing population in the Zetland area, we find ourselves spending more and more time carpet cleaning in Zetland. Our highly rated carpet cleaning service will leave you satisfied that you […]