Carpet Tech’s guide on how to remove red wine stains from carpet.

It has happened to all of us at one point – great night with great company when a glass of wine miraculously finds its way toward your cream coloured carpet. In a moment of panic, you reach for the cupboard to get out your carpet spot remover. STOP. PUT IT AWAY. This is the moment when you try to remove red wine stain from carpet which leads to two possible outcomes. One, the stain haphazardly gets a minor fix, with a remaining mark to accompany it. Two, you damage your carpet permanently. It’s a risky gamble.

However, don’t stress! We will provide you with a step by step solution that is safe and will not damage your carpet.

The following picture was taken from a property where the tenant tried to use vanish to treat a wine stain:

Vanish and Wool Carpet

Vanish and Wool Carpet

Remove red wine stain from carpet by following these instructions

  1. CHECK THE TYPE OF CARPET THAT YOU HAVE – IF YOU DON’T KNOW, STOP IMMEDIATELY! There is no reason risking carpet repair or replacement, over a few dollars. Contact us on 8957 3907 and we can talk you through it.
  2. Using a white terry cloth, start blotting the stain out of the carpet. Keep going until there is no colour transfer left.
  3. Spray cold water on the stain and keep blotting. If you have a natural fibre carpet, ease up on the water. Over wetting may cause browning.
  4. In a small bowl, mix a 1-2 table spoons of white vinegar, continue blotting until the stain has lifted.
  5. Put a fan over the area to speed dry it.

If the stain is not moving, give us a call on 8957 3907 or e-mail us at

Here is our previous red wine stain removal work:

Red Wine Stain Removal

Red Wine Stain Removal




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