3 Reasons To Purchase Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection Will Extend The Life of Your Carpet and Upholstery

Applying Carpet Protection is guaranteed to extend the life of your textiles by applying a repellent film over the fibres. It won’t change the texture or the feel of the fabric, however the fibres will become resilient against any type of spill.

You can see it’s effectiveness in the following video:

Here you can clearly see that all you need is a wet cotton towel to quickly absorb the spill, leaving no residue behind. This will help with any of life’s tricky accidents!

Carpet Protection Will Protect Your Carpet and Upholstery From All Kinds Of Spills

Applying carpet protection to your textiles gives you a peace of mind. Instead of constantly worrying about any type of spill when kids invariably have their lunch on the carpet, you can rest easy knowing that you can just dab the spill away in seconds.

carpet protection against red wine
Carpet protection avoids these situations

Carpet Protection Is Cheaper Than You Think

Applying carpet protection to your carpet or upholstery after a clean is very cost effective especially when you consider that it will avoid having to call us out sooner rather than later. If you consider the cost/benefit in regards to the value of your carpet or upholstery, it is an easy decision.

So don’t hesitate, contact us today on 8957 3907 and ask us what we can offer you in terms of carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as protection.

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