Smelly Carpet! Removing smell from carpet

Why does my carpet smell ?

There may be many factors which attribute to a carpet emitting an odour. Some of which could include food spills, urine, excessive moisture etc. Although you thought that at the time, you had removed that spill, the bacteria remains behind, and causes the smelly carpet to emerge. Invisible to the naked eye, it can remain in the carpet or the carpet underlay for a long time. It may even go away, however upon contact with any moisture, it will flare up again.

Can you fix our smelly carpet ?

Athough we cannot guarantee results (we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to makeup for this), we generally have a very good winning percentage when it comes to odour removal. This is because unlike other companies, we do not have one method of cleaning. Each case is assessed individually and the treatment will vary. Sometimes, something simple like an anti-microbial treatment will suffice, other times, the carpet underlay may need to be replaced and the sub-floor sealed to fix the smelly carpet. Even if the odour source does not originate from the carpet, we have the equipment and the expertise to remove it with our specialty foggers which disinfect every nook and cranny to ensure treatment success.

Cleaning carpet and treating unit from smoke odour

Cleaning carpet and treating unit from smoke odour

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