Mattress Cleaning Sydney

Mattress Cleaning Sydney

Why clean my mattress ?

Mattress cleaning is important for many reasons – however the main one is hygiene. Mattress fabric is usually made up of highly absorbent material which takes in anything that comes in contact with it. Especially in the case of young children and babies, control of their bowel and urine movement is sometimes difficult – especially if they are battling a virus. The last thing you want to is leave it and allow them to continue to sleep on it in the future. Especially with bacteria being allowed to breed (especially in damp environments). We at Mattress Cleaning Sydney can assist you with getting rid of this problem

How we, at Mattress Cleaning Sydney will solve your problem.

We employ an advanced method of mattress cleaning. We employ an extra step that other companies ignore. Our process is as follows:

  • Inspect the mattress
  • Pre-spray with an anti-microbial solution
  • Treat stains which can be removed
  • Use an industrial steamer to disperse high temperature steam at close range to treat the surface area.
  • Extract using hot water extraction method

Mattress Cleaning Sydney solutions.

We aim to provide the most comprehensive mattress cleaning service in Sydney. Our company prides itself on it’s customer service and exemplary work. We don’t use sub-contractors, rather have our own highly trained staff who not only excel in carpet and upholstery cleaning but in customer service as well. This is an important point as there will never be an awkward or an uncomfortable moment from the start of the process to finish. We have a transparent mindset which lays out the prices during the booking process and never change it during the clean unless requested by the homeowner.

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